You’re bored and looking for fun and adventure? Why, look no further! Well, maybe one click further, but you get what we’re saying. Welcome to Hypnotic Owl’s best and greatest games!

The Wizard - A free, turn-based dungeon puzzler

The Day the Laughter Stopped - A free interactive fiction game

In Development

At some point in the future you’ll find many more awesome, mind-blowing games here. Maybe. For now, however, we’re still deep into pre-production of our first major title, and sadly, we’re not ready to release any details on it yet. So if you’re looking for information, you won’t find it here. Don’t click that link below. There’s nothing to see. Nothing at all. Don’t do it. Don’t click. It’s a waste of time. Trust me.

Till Last Light - Our secret game project

Mini Games & Experimental

Looking for something a little different? Take a look at our experiments, prototypes and game jam entries. They are short, weird and unconventional. All mini and experimental games are free and can be played directly in your browser.

Hypnotic Owl Games: Play Brainfucked - A free mini game Hypnotic Owl Games: Play The Pepper Prince - A free mini game

Hypnotic Owl Games: Play Droplets - A free game experiment Hypnotic Owl Games: Play Roof Skywalker - A free mini game

Hypnotic Owl Games: Play Sopora - A free mini game Hypnotic Owl Games: Play Smalltown Hero - A free mini game