Hypnotic Digest Issue #5
Work, work, work. That's our lives right now. Still, here's some fun little developments we wanna share with you!
Crabman Goes to South Africa
Crabman Goes to Remscheid (Again)

Only this time he's not alone! Yes, Hackenstein finally took a break from doing all the heavy lifting in the company and popped his jamming cherry! Which is not as dirty as it sounds, promise!

Together they created a promising prototype exploring echo chambers and radicalization, which they hope to pursue in the coming months. In the meantime, check out their fun little video update on Instagram!

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Prime Division Returns to Print
Prime Division Goes to Print (Again)

This is one for our math enthusiasts in Germany: Prime Division will be once again featured in the German gaming magazine Computerbild Spiele. For that, Hackenstein has accelerated his plans for a few improvements, such as loading times, progression balancing, and a few small bugs we discovered over time.

You can enjoy the updates right now and get your copy of Computerbild Spiele on March 3rd, where codes for the full version will be featured in issue 6/18!
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