Hypnotic Owl
Based in Leipzig, Germany

Founding date:
April 2013


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Prime Division
The Day The Laughter Stopped
The Wizard
The Pepper Prince

Hypnotic Owl UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
Matthias-Erzberger-Str. 46
04425 Taucha

+49 7531 38 11 301


Hypnotic Owl is a Germany-based independent game studio consisting of Jan Lachnit and Hannes Flor. In cooperation with various freelancers they develop games focused on the narrative and unusual game mechanics.


Early History

Hypnotic Owl was founded in 2013 by Jan Lachnit and Hannes Flor. Having met in college, they quickly realized that they not only enjoyed each other's company, but creative work as well. After college, they went on to work for different game studios. Hannes worked as Lead Compositor and Background Animator for Daedalic Entertainment on numerous projects, most notably the award-winning point'n'click adventure "A New Beginning." Jan started out as Game Designer for The Games Company until it went bankrupt. He was then hired by the newly founded Silver Style Studios as Lead Game Designer for their browser-based MMORPG "Herokon Online." Having gained some industry experience and a distaste for corporate culture, the two friends decided to team up and make a living as indie game developers.


Hypnotic Owl is funded by Jan and Hannes themselves to ensure its independence. Because neither of them is rich, expenses are kept at a minimum wherever possible. Thus they don't share an office but work from their respective homes in different cities. This allows them to pursue only the projects they really believe in.

The Day the Laughter Stopped

Hypnotic Owl's first widely recognized project was The Day the Laughter Stopped. It is an intense interactive fiction game about sexual abuse, based on the true story of a close friend. The game was developed by Hannes in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam and takes just about 10 minutes to complete. However, it delivers such a profound experience that it was nominated for Best Serious Game of the German Computer Game Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis) and subsequently won the respective Special Award.



The Pepper Prince: Trailer YouTube

Prime Division: Trailer YouTube

The Day the Laughter Stopped: Teaser Trailer YouTube

The Wizard: Totally Official Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Special Award" - German Computer Game Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis)
  • "Nominated for Best Serious Game" - German Computer Game Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis)

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