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Based in Leipzig, Germany

Release date:
December 16th, 2013



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The Day the Laughter Stopped is a work of interactive fiction that was created during the Ludum Dare 48h competition, where it ranked 8th in mood and 68th overall.


The events in the game are based on the experiences of one of developer Hannes Flor's close personal friends, which inspired him to create this game as a contribution to the ongoing conversation about violence against women, sexual assault, and rape culture. It was an attempt to provide a tiny glimpse into the experience of a victim, which many people involved in the discussion thankfully never would experience otherwise.


  • Simple, binary Choose Your Own Adventure system
  • A harrowing experience you won't soon forget
  • Available on all platforms and systems


Teaser Trailer YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Special Award" German Computergame Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis)
  • "Nominated for Best Serious Game" German Computergames Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis)

Selected Articles

  • "Bravely made and an extraordinary use of the medium"
    - Rami Ismail,
  • "Evidence the written word retains its power in a digital age"
    - Jess Conditt,
  • "Interesting, though-provoking stuff"
    - David Gaider,
  • "A worthwhile game"
    - Erin Robinson,
  • "This is required playing"
    - Ashly Burch,
  • "Mandatory"
    - Anthony Burch,
  • "This is really powerful interactive fiction that knows its medium"
    - Mike Bithell,
  • "Sad but in awe at the combined power of words and tech"
    - Amy Gray,

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Release Blog Post & Post-Mortem
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Follow-Up Post on Design Choices
A follow-up blog post responding to several questions and criticisms is available at https:.

Blog Post on Nomination
A post regarding the nomination as Best Serious Game is available at https:.

Ludum Dare Entry
The original Ludum Dare entry is available at http:.

German Computergames Award Nomination
The official nomination as Best Serious Game is available at http:.

About Hypnotic Owl

Hypnotic Owl is a Germany-based independent game studio consisting of Jan Lachnit and Hannes Flor. In cooperation with various freelancers they develop games focused on the narrative and unusual game mechanics.

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The Day the Laughter Stopped Credits

Hannes Flor
Writer, Programmer & Designer, Hypnotic Owl

Jan Lachnit
Executive Producer, Hypnotic Owl

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