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Inside Hypnotic Owl – Ep 8 – The Owl Tapes

As we venture deeper into the ongoing mystery of our missing intern, every new clue only seems to lead to more and more questions. Will we ever know what truly took place during the first week of July? Only time will tell. Here’s hoping it hasn’t yet run out.

Inside Hypnotic Owl – Ep 7 – Traces in the Dark

There may be a new lead in the search for the missing intern. Crabman and Hackenstein discuss The Wizard, politics, and game jams as they await an important call.

Inside Hypnotic Owl – Ep 6 – Catching Up

Hackenstein and Crabman catch up after both their absences. But something’s still not quite right at the Owl…

Inside Hypnotic Owl – Ep 5 – Crabman Returns

Crabman returns from a business trip to Seoul, but something back home is amiss.

Inside Hypnotic Owl – Ep 4 – Conference Room C

Tami has a controversial proposal for the Owl, while Crabman is getting ready for a trip to Seoul.

Inside Hypnotic Owl – Ep 3 – Back to Normal

Things are back to normal as the team discusses new developments on the Wizard remake, issues with Prime Division on iOS, and the upcoming shop and merchandise.

Inside Hypnotic Owl – Ep 2 – Modi Operandi

Crabman is upset with Hackenstein over the recent server outage. Meanwhile, Tami gets to learn a bit more about Hackenstein’s philosophy.

Inside Hypnotic Owl – Bonus – Server Trouble

Our website hypnoticowl.com went down last week. Tami caught the incident on tape.

Inside Hypnotic Owl – Ep 1 – My First Day

It’s Tami’s first day at Hypnotic Owl, where she wastes no time getting started on her marketing ideas. Crabman and Hackenstein are intrigued and delighted as a bemusing misunderstanding leads to exciting new ventures.