Prime Division – The Unique, Free Numbers Game!

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Learn the Art of Factorization

How to Play Prime Division - The Unique, Free Numbers Game!


Let Prime Division teach you the fun and practical art of prime factorization.


All you have to do is tap on the correct primes to divide the number on the top evenly down to 1.


Every five numbers you reach the next stage,
increasing the difficulty and introducing
new prime numbers.


The perfect number puzzle
for in between and on the run!

Master All Modes

Prime Division Game Modes - The Unique, Free Numbers Game!

Level up and unlock exciting game modes:

Minute Mode
Instead of 10 seconds for each number you get 60 seconds to divide as many numbers as you can.

Speed Mode
Get scored on how fast you can divide. You are allowed to make three mistakes.

Six Mode
Find the right factors among six instead of the usual four prime numbers.

Roman Mode
Divide using roman numbers instead of the normal ones.

Random Mode
See how far you can get with three lives and four new random primes every stage.

Compete with Your Friends

Prime Division Six Mode - The Unique, Free Numbers Game!

Conquer the leaderboards of each mode!
Prove you are the best among your friends and the whole world.


Complete all Achievements to become
a Division Magician, able to perceive the prime factors behind all other numbers!


Brag about your stats in each mode!
Show everyone the highest stage you’ve reached and highest number you’ve divided!

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