Hypnotic Discord Milestone Reached!

Hey, guess what! We made our first wishlist goal! Which means: Hypnotic Discord Server! Hooray!

It’ll be a space for you to hang out and chat with us, get some exclusive insights into development, get stream alerts, vote on new topics, and just all around have a great time! We’re also planning some other fun shenanigans in the future, but mostly we look forward to building a nice and inclusive community with you all!

So come join the Hypnotic Family at https://discord.gg/qfyND9D!

It even looks like, in the time it took us to get everything set up, we made it almost halfway to our next goal, the regular dev streams which will offer a look behind the scenes and give you the opportunity to give feedback and take part in The Wizard’s development!

So wishlist away and tell your friends, neighbors, grandma, and everyone else you know to do the same!

<3 Your Hypnotic Owl Team

Announcing The Wizard: WizHarder Edition

Well guess what!

After 6 years of trying to get this project off the ground, we’re happy to announce that The Wizard: WizHarder Edition is finally coming to Steam!

This new and improved version will include:

  • New levels, spells and enemies
  • New Roguelike Mode with daily challenges
  • A Mario Maker-style level editor to create and share levels
  • Complete graphical and mechanical overhaul (including checkpoints!)
  • A remastered and expanded version of its magical soundtrack

Check out the new Teaser Trailer!

And to make the wait until November a little more fun, we conceived a bunch of reward unlocks for our wishlist milestones, which you can find on the Steam page.

So wishlist now and tell your friends to do the same!

<3 Your Hypnotic Owl Team

Hypnotic Hootout Stream + Podcast

After we had such a great time with our birthday stream, we decided to start a weekly hangout where we chat about life and stuff and maybe even play a game or two! Come join the Hypnotic Hootout, every Friday, 4pm CEST on twitch.tv!

And if you can’t make it, worry not! The Hootout will also be available on YouTube as well as a podcast! You can check out the first episode on these channels right now:

New Releases, Free Games and More

Dear friends,

Those are some strange times we find ourselves in, huh? We certainly feel the effects of it as well, being on lockdown at home, bored and not knowing what to do with ourselves.

But luckily, people are crafty and coming up with new ways to come together even as we are separated physically: brunch via video call, Netflix Party for that good ol’ movie night, and many services being made available for free to provide us all with some much-needed entertainment and distraction during these worrying and financially difficult times.

Here at the Owl, we too have been thinking about ways we can contribute, and so we have a bunch of news we’d like to share with you today:

The Pepper Prince Episode 1 Goes Free

We have decided to make The Pepper Prince: Episode 1 available for free on Steam. In the game, you step into the role of Hansel or Gretel as they venture out to bake the most bestest wedding cake for the titular Pepper Prince! We hope its cheerful silliness can brighten up your day a bit!

Everything Is Awful

If you remember, last summer we did a Hypnotic Game Jam, and we have just released one of the games that came out of it: everything is awful but at least we have each other.

We had originally considered it for commercial release, since it turned out a lot cooler than expected and we had long been interested in exploring dating sims as another potential avenue for us, and we still might! Definitely let us know how you liked it and if you’d be interested in seeing more odd little games like this in the future!

For now, you can play it for free on itch.io:

More Free Stuff to Come

Another thing we’ve long considered and are now finally going ahead with, is the release of all our smaller projects, our internal prototypes, experiments, and game jam titles, on itch.io. We’ve already assembled a couple of games over there and will continue to add more over the next few weeks. Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

And of course there’s the games and experimental projects on our homepage, so hopefully you’ll find something fun to pass the time (my personal recommendation, brainfucked. I’ve replayed it myself recently, figuring out all those tricky operations again, it’s good fun if you like puzzley stuff!)

So enjoy, stay safe, and let’s all get through this together!

Your Hypnotic Owl Team

Games For Change 2018

Last week, I once again found myself traveling across the pond, to visit the Games For Change festival in New York. It was a great couple of days, filled with interesting talks, fascinating games, meeting friends old and new, and in fully crabtacular manner, zero sight-seeing.

Still, here’s some sights I done saw:

Crabman out.

Train Jam / GDC 2018


So I got to go to Train Jam as well as GDC in San Francisco recently. Words still elude me in describing what an amazing experience it was, but suffice it to say, I had blast, hung out with a bunch of friends as well as making lots of new ones, seeing some awesome talks, and all in all just having an incredible time.

Here’s a couple of images from the scenery whizzing past on the train:

You can play my jam game Down By The River here. Have fun!

Crabman out.

Splash Jam ’17

Guess where I was? That’s right, Norway! On a cruise ship! Livin’ it up! Crossing the arctic circle! And also jamming, I guess!

Check out this short video collage and be amazed, as I was, at the ridicously beautiful landscapes!

As always, the jam project isn’t quite ready to be released, as it needs a lot more content before it can work (or the question whether it does can be better answered), but if you’re curious, give our latest podcast episode a listen, where we discuss it in some detail.

Next up: South Africa! Who knew a struggling indie dev’s life could be so exciting!

Crabman out.

Game Jam Roundup 07/17

July has been a busy month for me, lots of big and small game jams leading to a couple of neat little projects that I’d like to share with you today. So let’s have a look!

And here’s the links to the games:

Have fun!

Crabman out.