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Hypnotic Hootout - Ep15

Corona, doom and gloom, the future, Nazis and fascist shadow networks in German military and law enforcement

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep14

Streaming, Devs, boring movies, protests and politics, The Pepper Prince, writing, work and mental health

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep13

VR, A MAZE, MMOs, Crimes of Grindelwald, new movies, Cosmic Encounter, breakups, self-love and healing

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep12

Mattress trouble, racist pasts and wokeness, Black Game Developers Throughout History, domestic abuse, Twitter hack

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep11

Announcement and burnout, Linux, engines and frameworks, Epic games, violence as solution in games, politics, Climate Change Jam and games we played

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep10 - Announcement Time!

Today we’re joined by our intern Ankita to talk The Wizard: WizHarder Edition! Trailers, funding, marketing, and how we got here over the last 6 years

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep9

#MeToo in the games industry, oppression, The Truman Show, Floor Is Lava, having kids, Night in the Woods, book recommendations and disability options

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep8

Streaming, asset packs, pronouns, problematic jokes and insults, change, Humble Bundle and the Yemen crisis

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep7

BLM protests and performative allyship, problematic card games, the bundle, PS5 and console exclusives

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep6

The protests, structural inequality, our part in it, and how we try to do better

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep5

Work, lags and bad connection, Borderlands, Mandalorian, The Last Jedi, James Bond, and a newish prototype

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep4

Father’s Day, digital distribution platforms, new games, The Wizard, corona, harassment, She-Ra, Mandalorian and Bored to Death

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch at

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep3

Mental health, gaming and commitment, #MeToo, Till Last Light, programming, jamming and dream projects

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch at

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep2

Coping with quarantine, work, new games, violence as conflict resolution default, cultural appropriation and racism

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch at

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep1

LAN parties, wonderment, trademark law, tutorials, difficulty, and old and new favorites

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Inside Hypnotic Owl - Ep 15 - Goodbye South Africa

Crabman returns from South Africa with a heavy heart, but just in time to stop Hackenstein from giving in to despair.

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