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Hypnotic Hootout - Ep70 - Hoo Hoo, It's 2022

Catching up, corona, Unavowed, Cruelty Squad, Super Auto Pets, Mike Flanagan, James Bond and other movies, The Witcher

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep69 - Summer Break

Tinder, long spoilery complaining about Dune, blackish, hiatus

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep68 - How to Play Video Games

Shaka Zulu, Only Yesterday, Tarantino, Testing The Wizard, tutorials, writing and procrastination

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep67 - Demonstrably Left

RABATT, “Wir sind alle LinX” demo, Fridays for Future, performativism, democracy, Werewolves Within

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep66 - Anticrastination

Bachelor party, Quake, Magic: The Gathering, Taskmaster, procrastination, bully brain, therapy, silly jokes

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep65 - Happisode

Payback, water parks, paper piece, Loki, Bob Ross, iconic/brand looks, inner monologue, The Messenger, Control, The Hobbit (1977)

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep64 - Gunpowder Suckshake

Free on Epic, the Taliban, Psycho Goreman, Gunpowder Milkshake, Working Moms, Youths, Among Us and Fortnite

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep63 - Friday the 13th

Protests and looting in South Africa, Activision/Blizzard, engaging with problematic artists, Tekken 3, Death of Winter, The Suicide Squad, Black Widow

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep62 - It's All Bullshirt

Post-party depression, bully brain and the inner child, social constructs, authenticity and confidence, cellphone cancer studies, Beware, The Wire

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep61 - Looks Like Rain

More vaccinations, home improvement, Entourage, Wish Dragon, Paddington, Miss Marple, dumb debates, Mutant Year Zero, work

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep60 - Exabyte

Social security nonsense, Wizard, Mutant Year Zero, Sin City, Doctor Sleep, Team Foxcatcher, Mass Effect 3, skill trees, anime, Alita: Battle Angel

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep59 - The Mental Lists

Youth Day, Juneteenth, Waldorf education, Kim’s Convenience, Little Shop of Horrors, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep58 - Jab-a-Dabba-Done! Part 1

Vaccination, catching up, state trojans, Promising Young Woman, He-Man, X-Files, Overboard!, Strangeland, procedural storytelling, Reconnect

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep57 - Hot Guy Summer

Today in history, Pride Month, Frostpunk, new tools, confidence and self-esteem, work, Cruella, Friends Reunion

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep56 - Coda

The end of Roommategate, Army of the Dead, live idea thievery, base building strategy, revisiting games, AssCreed II

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep55 - The Winter of Our Discontent

Roommategate, writing, Palestine, transphobia, gaming news, Journey to Ecrya, pen and paper systems

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep54 - Narcissus Flatmaticus

Flatmategate, narcissism, personal growth. This was a really rather focused one, you see.

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep53 - It's Bolognese

AssCreed II, Tabletop Simulator, Dome Romantik, Pine, corona, fighting games, Wizard improvements, blocking

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep52 - What's Cooking?

Hootout anniversary, chicken soup, introducing the WizHarder Laboratory, anime, reevaluating entertainment

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep51 - Food Coma

Wizard updates, Ionic & Vue, The Beast Lived Underwater, Speed Racer, characters most in need of hugs

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep50 - Response Ability

Toxic roommates, fault and responsibility, Ted Lasso, Hearthstone Battlegrounds, AssCreed, Yakuza 0, Valheim

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep49 - LATEnstein Strikes Again

Crabman’s soapy life, CUII and copyright, AssCreed: Black Flag, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Jordan PeteRed Skull

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep48 - Pleasure

AssCreed IV: Black Flag, Valheim, social mechanics, relaxation, dream company models, The Conquest of Bread

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep47 - Work

Meetings, transphobia, work and productivity, Valheim

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep46 - Capital

Hamburg Games Conference, Valheim, pitching boldly, dating sims, Raya and the Last Dragon, The Mandalorian, Gilson B. Pontes