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Hypnotic Cookout - Ep83 - It's-a Pizza!

Making pizza! Playing The Wizard (or Kevin’s Path to Wizdom as it will soon be known)! EATING pizza! What more could you want?

Hypnotic Cookout - Ep82 - Ah, There It Is!

We sadly had to scrap the first half hour due to terrible sound issues. Still, delicious burgers and new prototypes are on the menu for this Cookout test run!

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep81 - Where's the Beef?

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

We participated in the bpb’s game jam on food scarcity last week, chatting process and looking at the resulting games — Watch live at

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep80 - Carnival of Broken Dreams

Heat, Reddit, Wizard play styles, WIPs, Monkey Island, interconnectedness, art, oppression

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep79 - You, Me and No Dupree

Haircuts, Game Maker workshop, music production, depression, Wizard rebranding, indie success, aging, radicalized relatives

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep78 - Was Our Last Title Really "Notice Me Senpai uwu"?

Catching up, South Africa, Rothko & Pollock, physical therapy, Making Games Is…, new projects, how to level design

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep76 - This One's Gonna Be About Games, I Promise

Robin Hunicke on Designer Notes, Dark Souls, Redecor, MyHome, Solitaire Cruise, pirate stories, digitizing Mbali, raycasting, #NoticeMe Jam

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep75 - Serenity

Ukraine conflict, Mbali’s landscape paper art, Superstore, Wendesil’s Wizard stream, The Walking Dead, death, politics

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep74 - Wordle, Huh, What Is It Good For

Ukraine, The Wizard scores, board game workshop, EvnTide, visas, African politics, Wordle, She-Ra

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep73 - Hacktic Times

The Wizard’s score system headaches, happy accidents, composing and Hans Zimmer, Nokia Jam WIP, Peacemaker, Hawkeye

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep72 - From Grading to the Grave

The Wizard scoring system, boosting, weight, men’s shorts, One Style Man, Death Trash, funding, unfinished projects, Disney+

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep71 - [Insert Funny Title Here]

Tales from the bathroom, Mbali’s artworks, corona and testing, unfinished projects, antiwork and the German government

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep70 - Hoo Hoo, It's 2022

Catching up, corona, Unavowed, Cruelty Squad, Super Auto Pets, Mike Flanagan, James Bond and other movies, The Witcher

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep69 - Summer Break

Tinder, long spoilery complaining about Dune, blackish, hiatus

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep68 - How to Play Video Games

Shaka Zulu, Only Yesterday, Tarantino, Testing The Wizard, tutorials, writing and procrastination

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep67 - Demonstrably Left

RABATT, “Wir sind alle LinX” demo, Fridays for Future, performativism, democracy, Werewolves Within

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep66 - Anticrastination

Bachelor party, Quake, Magic: The Gathering, Taskmaster, procrastination, bully brain, therapy, silly jokes

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep65 - Happisode

Payback, water parks, paper piece, Loki, Bob Ross, iconic/brand looks, inner monologue, The Messenger, Control, The Hobbit (1977)

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep64 - Gunpowder Suckshake

Free on Epic, the Taliban, Psycho Goreman, Gunpowder Milkshake, Working Moms, Youths, Among Us and Fortnite

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep63 - Friday the 13th

Protests and looting in South Africa, Activision/Blizzard, engaging with problematic artists, Tekken 3, Death of Winter, The Suicide Squad, Black Widow

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep62 - It's All Bullshirt

Post-party depression, bully brain and the inner child, social constructs, authenticity and confidence, cellphone cancer studies, Beware, The Wire

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep61 - Looks Like Rain

More vaccinations, home improvement, Entourage, Wish Dragon, Paddington, Miss Marple, dumb debates, Mutant Year Zero, work

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep60 - Exabyte

Social security nonsense, Wizard, Mutant Year Zero, Sin City, Doctor Sleep, Team Foxcatcher, Mass Effect 3, skill trees, anime, Alita: Battle Angel

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep59 - The Mental Lists

Youth Day, Juneteenth, Waldorf education, Kim’s Convenience, Little Shop of Horrors, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep58 - Jab-a-Dabba-Done! Part 1

Vaccination, catching up, state trojans, Promising Young Woman, He-Man, X-Files, Overboard!, Strangeland, procedural storytelling, Reconnect