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Hypnotic Hootout - Ep30 - The Wizard: WizHarder Edition

The Wizard’s now in Steam Early Access! We chat about the production, have a look at the trailer, the game, and of course most importantly, release the game together!

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep29 - Beta Prepare Yourself

FUSER and DJing, Watchmen and cops in media, The Wizard Beta, cartoons and other wholesome things to watch

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep28 - Hypnotic Fun Time Stream 2: The Funnening

Wizard developments, movies, film snobbery, feel-good games, and other stuff too, probably!

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep27 - Hypnotic Fun Time Stream

A sneaky peek into WizHarder developments, showing off Minecraft worlds, feel-good and retro games, and really no depressing stuff at all for once

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep26 - Boo (Low-Effort Halloween Special)

It’s the super spooky, super low-effort Halloween Special! Hooo!

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep25 - Hackenstein, More Like LATEnstein

Catching up, work, Season 2s, burnout, romcoms, anime, Preacher, best gaming moments

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep24 - Chill Vibes Only

Board games, dice systems, Diablo mods, movies, Breadtube, prettiest games

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep23 - Favorite Mechanics/Genres

Programming, aim assist, burnout, careers, joy, movies, favorite mechanics and genres, Gothic remake, choices

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep22 - Throw-Your-Controller Moments

Shirts, superheroes, work, new projects, conspiracy theories, Ubisoft, most annoying gaming moments

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep21 - Guilty Pleasures

Catching up, Twin Peaks, Lady Dynamite, Hootout, guilty pleasures, Bayonetta, erotic games

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep20 - Worst UI Experiences

Structure, funding, MoCap, building tools, Manifold Garden, Day of the Tentacle, voice acting, bad UI, Hootout

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep19 - Best/Worst Sequels

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Non-Euclidean games, Manifold Garden, Antichamber, NaissanceE, best and worst sequels, Discord announcement

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep18 - Favorite Games We Never Played

Work, Night in the Woods, Fall Guys, Gamescom, visuals and marketing, favorite games we never played, Reverse Game Jam Kinda

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep17

Mattressgate, abuse, mental health, Twilight Imperium, Epic, piracy, reminiscing, representation, romance mechanics, Reverse Game Jam, Kinda!

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep16

Drugs, the future, SNIKS, Tomb Raider, Unity updates, PictoQuest, Epic, The Pepper Prince, Belarus

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep15

Corona, doom and gloom, the future, Nazis and fascist shadow networks in German military and law enforcement

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep14

Streaming, Devs, boring movies, protests and politics, The Pepper Prince, writing, work and mental health

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep13

VR, A MAZE, MMOs, Crimes of Grindelwald, new movies, Cosmic Encounter, breakups, self-love and healing

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep12

Mattress trouble, racist pasts and wokeness, Black Game Developers Throughout History, domestic abuse, Twitter hack

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep11

Announcement and burnout, Linux, engines and frameworks, Epic games, violence as solution in games, politics, Climate Change Jam and games we played

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep10 - Announcement Time!

Today we’re joined by our intern Ankita to talk The Wizard: WizHarder Edition! Trailers, funding, marketing, and how we got here over the last 6 years

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep9

#MeToo in the games industry, oppression, The Truman Show, Floor Is Lava, having kids, Night in the Woods, book recommendations and disability options

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep8

Streaming, asset packs, pronouns, problematic jokes and insults, change, Humble Bundle and the Yemen crisis

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep7

BLM protests and performative allyship, problematic card games, the bundle, PS5 and console exclusives

Hypnotic Hootout - Ep6

The protests, structural inequality, our part in it, and how we try to do better