Monthly Archives: May 2013

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All right, I need a post to finish up the page design, but since we’re already here, why not take this opportunity to give you a bit of a heads up regarding all the wonderful things to come?

So as you may or may not know (if you don’t, Games should be ready by the time you’re reading this), we’ve chosen to work on a classic top-down RPG with flying pirates and turn-based combat as our very first project as Hypnotic Owl, and while we both have quite a bit of experience with game development—both recreationally and professionally—running our own business is completely new territory for us. It’s very exciting and very. very. terrifying.

But good news! We wanna share this little adventure of ours with you! In excruciating detail! Meaning, we’re gonna do a wee bit of blogging about all the stuff we’ve done and the things we’ll do. Hopefully it’ll be of use to some of you, or at least interesting for those who are curious how we do things here at the Owl.

Anyway, as Chief President of Business & Game Design™ Jan’s gonna focus on the design aspects of our games and what it takes to found and run a company in Germany. Not an easy subject, lemme tell ya; I still haven’t figured out what exactly happend there, so I sure am looking forward to his explanation. Maybe third time’s the charm.

I, meanwhile, will write a bit about the game itself, its inception, how we go about making it, the technology we use, plans, hopes and dreams and stuff like that. I’m still writing this post as a (hopefully) more interesting Lorem Ipsum, so I haven’t really figured out what it will be exactly, but something about why I love HTML5 so much or how we got from “We need something quick ‘n easy!” to this seems appropriate.

Stay tuned, folks! Crabman out.