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Hypnotic Holidays to All

Xmas Owl

You know, the last week has been a pretty serious and happysad one. But it’s Christmas for Chrissakes, time to have some fun!

So whether you are with your family, your loved ones, or, if you’re reeeeeeeaaaaally lucky, by yourself (I so envy you), I hope y’all have a fantastic time and get whatever it is you wished for!

We’ll be back next year with The Wizard, which will go into closed beta then. Or something like that. I really should pay more attention when Hackenstein’s talking at me. Anyway, video games!

Take care, folks! Crabman out.

The Moment the Choices Stopped

As you, by this point, probably know, I have created a short interactive fiction game for Ludum Dare #28. If you don’t, or you haven’t played it yet but plan to, you might want to do so first. I am going to answer some of the questions people have asked and will expand on my explanation of my motivation and design choices outlined in this post, where you’ll also find a link to the game.

Naturally, that means there’ll be major spoilers in this post and the same trigger warning applies as to the previous one.

Well then, last chance to turn back.


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The Day the Laughter Stopped

As you may or may not know, I have participated in the recent Ludum Dare #28. Under the theme, You Only Get One, I have created an interactive fiction game, a Choose Your Own Adventure if you will. The topic I chose was quite a serious one, and I think it would be good to discuss why I wanted to do this, what I tried to achieve, and, basically, what it all means.

If you haven’t played the game yet, it would be advisable to do so first, as I will completely spoil the whole thing in a minute. You can find the game here, but please be aware that the game comes with a ginormous trigger warning. Please read the notes in the game’s menu if you think there might be topics that could cause you significant emotional distress.

I’d also ask you not to play it if you are a minor. I understand the appeal such a statement has, but even some of my friends, adults, have had very strong reactions to it, so please skip this one. Or, if you are really curious, talk to your parents, have them play it first or play it together. Just don’t take this lightly, it is a very serious topic.

Now, if you have played the game and you are certain that a discussion of the same won’t cause you distress, let’s talk about it.


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Let’s Plays, Copyright Claims and Other Ridiculous Nonsense

Again things are happening in that wonderful industry of ours, and again publishers and corporations are managing to make the world just a little bit worse. Their newest stroke of genius: Copyright claims on YouTube Let’s Plays, game reviews and pretty much everything that has a frame of their product in it. Because, obviously, LPs are a great threat to the game industry. Or something.

Usually I’d just scream a couple of profanities into the Twitter void, but this seems relevant enough that I’d like to have it around for when we release our games and the question of where we stand on this issue comes up.

So here it is, our official stance:

We don’t give a fuck. Play it, record yourself playing it, share it in any way you like, monetize to your heart’s content. LPs are free advertising, and we don’t plan on punishing you for your help in spreading our work. If you make a few bucks off it, that’s more than fair. And I mean, the line’s pretty clear, right? You take an image or a piece of music or something out of our game and sell it, that ain’t cool. You do a commentary or share your gaming experience with others, that couldn’t be more fine. Monetize. It’s a form of journalism after all, and journalists get paid for talking about games and showing off screenshots and whatnot, so why shouldn’t you?

There are no strings attached either. I’d ask you to put up a link to our website and do some reasonable spoiler warning where appropriate, but it’s not mandatory. Do whatever feels right for you.

So to sum up: Don’t resell our stuff. Do sell your commentary. Any and all footage is fair game. Use it. Show it. Share it. And don’t forget to be a good person.

Crabman out.