Parting Ways

Hi gang, we have some bittersweet news for you:

After more than 10 years of running Hypnotic Owl together, Jan a.k.a. Dr. Hackenstein and I are parting ways. We’re looking back over a fairly sizeable catalogue of releases, jam games, prototypes, podcasts, streams, and even a few awards. Despite us never quite achieving that financial breakthrough we were hoping for, I think it’s safe to say we’ve still managed to build a bit of a legacy. But as all things, they eventually must come to an end, and so Jan will move on to his new venture Spell Loop while I’ll continue running Hypnotic Owl on my own.

What does this mean for you? Functionally, not a lot. Jan will still work on Kevin’s Path to Wizdom and continue to make the strategic, turn-based, thinky games you’ve come to love. You’ll now just find it on his new website and the Discord too will be renamed accordingly in the next few days, no action required on your part.

On this end, Hypnotic Owl will continue to put out the same weird, silly and occasionally uncomfortable things it always has – maybe more so now that I don’t have anyone to reign me in when I go overboard.

Thanks for joining us on this ride and here’s to an exciting new chapter!

<3 Crabman