On Monetizing Let’s Plays

Do it.

Play it, record yourself playing it, share it in any way you like, monetize to your heart’s content. We love seeing people enjoy our work. Plus, Let’s Plays are free advertising. It would be more than silly if we punished you for it. Indeed, if you make a few bucks off it, that’s more than fair.

And I think the line is pretty clear: If someone were to take assets or a piece of music or something out of our games and sold it, that of course wouldn’t be cool. But if you do a commentary or share your gaming experience with others, that couldn’t be more fine. Monetize. It’s a form of journalism after all, and journalists get paid for showing games to a wider audience, why shouldn’t you?

There are no conditions either. Of course a link to our website would be appreciated, but it’s not mandatory. Do whatever feels right for you.

So to sum up: Don’t resell our stuff. Do sell your commentary. Any and all footage is fair game. Use it. Show it. Share it. And most of all, have fun!

Crabman out.